Cooling systems

The technological cooling is an area exacting on deliveries, in particular owing to the dependence of the production of manufacturing plants on the operation of cooling facilities. In particular, it concerns the deliveries for the foodstuff and automotive industries. For the foodstuff industry, we realise even complex deliveries of cooling technologies, including the delivery and installation of ice and deep freezing boxes.

Extent of jobs and services:

Elaboration of project documentation: realised by a team of our experienced designers, directed by “Head of Order Engineering“.

Proper realisation of orders: the realisation of orders is directed by “Realisation Engineers“ with long-time practice, supported by “Assistants“ who take care of the administrative tasks required by the order. The whole process of realisation is governed by intercompany ISO instructions and it is supervised by the “Head of Realisation of Orders (orders' manager) “.

Installation of equipment: the installation of cooling equipment is realised by qualified assemblymen under the guidance of experienced chief assemblers. The assembly teams work with professional tooling and instrumentation. The entire installation is carried out in compliance with approved technological procedures and it is supervised by the Assembly Foreman. (provided by Service department)

Commissioning and adjustment of the cooling equipment: the commissioning of the cooling system, including its adjustment and hydronic balancing of manifolds of the cooled water to the parameters required by the project documentation, is arranged by expert workers with long-time practice and experience. (provided by Service department)

Guarantee and post-guarantee service: our customers are offered the guarantee and post-guarantee service automatically after the installation of equipment has been completed, in form of a proposal of Service agreement.

An accommodating attitude to customers is a matter-of-course rule for our service technicians.


  • check of the condition of the fan
  • check of filters and their replacement if necessary
  • check and cleaning of the exchanger
  • check of the condition of V-belts and their replacement if necessary
  • verification of power off-take of electric motors
  • check of motor bearings and their replacement of necessary
  • verification of operating pressures of the coolant
  • fine adjustment of the system
  • check of insulations on the cooling track
  • check and revision of leaks of coolant


  • Cold water generator – DAIKIN, TRANE ČR
  • Condensers – GUNTNER
  • Dry-type coolers/water-cooling towers - BALTIMORE AIRCOIL
  • Mechanical cooling – JDK

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